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The trolley serves for transportation of items in hygiene-intense operations, e.g. in research institutes, hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, etc. The pipe frame of the trolley is chrome-coated. Frame levels are constructed so as to allow variable placing of removable stainless trays and powder-coated wire drawers. The trolley moves on caster wheels, two of them provided with brakes.

Technical data

Size of the trolley  

( W x L x H )

480 x 670 x 900 mm

Size of the tray     

( W x L x H )

430 x 620 x 30 mm

Size of the drawer

( W x L x H )

430 x 620 x 160 mm

Size of the drawer mesh

18 mm

Carrying capacity

100 kg

Weight of the trolley

(with two trays)

13 kg


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