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The LVL2 single water bath is designed for melting ointment and suppository bases with low melting point, and for evaporating processes. The material is melted in grinding mortars placed in a round holder, or in beakers standing on the bottom of the water bath. The holder consists of five replaceable duralumin rings which allow placement of mortars of 90, 110, 130, 155, 180, and 220 mm in diameter. Temperature of the water bath is continuously adjustable between 40 to 100°C by a rider on the scale. The bath container is an aluminium cast with teflon coating inside.

Technical data


230 V

Power input

1 200 W

Working temperature

40 - 100 °C

Bath content

2.5 l

Optimum water content

for evaporation

1 l


230 x 180 x 180

Temperature regulation

bimetallic thermostat

Overheat safeguard

thermal irreversible fuse

Supply lead length

1 m


2.2 kg


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