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Terms and conditions

Ordering Goods

Orders submitted through this shop are binding. Receipt of an order will be confirmed in an automatic response message (to the e-mail address provided). Should you provide a telephone number only, your order will be confirmed via telephone. Please always state the catalogue number, as well as the name or description of the product in your order. Should you have any difficulties specifying your order, please do not hesitate to call us, we will gladly provide assistance.

Please remember to include in your order:

Order Confirmation and Delivery Terms

The goods shall be delivered to the customer through the Czech Post (Česká pošta) or another contract carrier. Postage shall be recharged to the customer as per the price list of Česká pošta. No packaging is charged. For delivery of goods on stock allow up to 5 working days (or less in most cases). Should a specific delivery take longer, the customer shall be notified of the delivery period in shortest possible time. Individual delivery period shall be negotiated for special orders.

Payment Methods

  1. Cash on delivery – the goods are sent by post, you pay in cash on its collection.

  2. In cash – in case of personal collection.

  3. Advance payment – you receive an advance payment invoice; once the full amount is credited to our account, the goods will be dispatched or prepared for personal collection.

  4. Standard invoice – regular customers only, previously placed and paid orders exceeding CZK 30,000 and good payment discipline required.


The supplier is liable for the complete and correct supply as per the delivery note. When collecting the goods, the customer shall check the quantity, completeness, correctness and intactness of the consignment and sign the delivery note for verification. In justified cases, or in case of delivery through the post or other carrier, the completeness and correctness of the consignment may be claimed no later than 7 calendar days after the delivery.

The warranty period for hidden defects, functionality, etc. is stipulated by the Commercial Code for 24 months, unless explicitly stated longer. The supplier shall produce a warranty note stating the date of purchase, particular duration of the warranty period, type and number of item. No later claims shall be accepted without a complete and verified warranty note.

Any claim shall be made in writing, specifying the claimed goods, describing the defect, and stating the number and date of original order, delivery note or invoice, and the name of the customer’s staff assigned to handle the claim. The claimed goods shall be returned complete as received from the supplier.

The claimed goods shall be accompanied by all documents originally produced with the goods, i.e. a payment receipt, warranty note, etc.

The supplier shall not be liable for damage arising from the operation and functional properties of the goods, nor for damage arising from incompetent use of the goods, nor for damage caused by external causes or incorrect handling. Defects caused by any of the above circumstances shall not be covered by the warranty.

Final Provisions

By placing an order as per the catalogue, quote, or other supplier’s source, the customer expresses its consent to these General Terms and Conditions. Any requirements of the customer that do not follow these Conditions shall be considered invalid, unless agreed in advance and confirmed by a written mutual agreement between the parties.


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